Kev Adsett
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26 October 1986

I was born, raised, educated and now currently live and work in the City Of Brighton And Hove in sunny South East England.

I have played videogames forever, but I tend to veer towards Sony's machines, having owned all the current PlayStations so far. I also like to try and make little games, you can see some examples on my portfolio page. I am a co-host of TheSixthAxis podcast from Oscar Mike Media, which covers videogames, comics and movies. You can find that at thesixthaxis.com.

Designing and developing games is one of the most rewarding ways I choose to spend my time. Games as a medium, especially videogames, have the ability to really connect with people in a non-linear fasion, creating experiences that are hard to emulate in other media. When developing games, there's a real creative rush to be had in seeing an idea become a real game having started from scratch.

Aside from coding - I love to make music, and I've been in a few bands throughout my life (and had a variety of hairstyles to match!). I play guitar, keys and sing a little too, as well as enjoying the production side of music too. You can have a listen to some of the stuff I've made using the soundcloud link on this page.

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Videogame design and development

I'm Kev Adsett, a 100 year old programmer dedicated to creating engaging game experiences and producing clean, re-usable code.