Kev Adsett
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Burger Team

30 April 2015

For my third 1-Game-A-Month game, I'll admit now, I was a little over-ambitious. The theme this month was Teamwork, and inspired by the excellent mobile game Space-team (if you haven't played, you should, it's genius!), I wanted to make a real-time multiplayer game.

The idea was simple enough: you and a friend work in a burger restaurant (from the future) and collaborate to make the ever-more-complicated orders as they roll in. You each have only some of the ingredients each, and so need to use teamwork in order to get thosee orders out in time.

I underestimated how much time I would need to spend on the multiplayer aspect, and was busy for the first week of the month, so it was well into week 3 before I even had a playable prototype. Luckily (and in the sprit of the theme), I teamed up with the talented Ben Hooley who created the marvellous graphics on show.

Despite the month being over, I think there's legs in this idea, and may well continue to develop it. I was especially gutted that I didn't get to do any sound at all for the game, which makes a huge dent in the atmosphere (not being) created.