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Where Am I?

28 February 2015

This was my first entry into the world of 1 Game A Month, a website that encourages developers to start - but more importantly finish - a new game every month. The website gamifies the whole experience, awarding XP to developers who match the optional theme, complete their profile and so on.

There's nothing like practicing making games to hone the skill of making games, and 1GAM is a real motivator when it comes to game-dev. This being my first one, I was never expecting to create a beautiful diamond of a game, but the fact that I've made it at all is the best start for my up-coming game-dev adventure.

Feburary's theme was maps, and so I made a game where the main interaction is on a map. The idea of the game is to have your location revealed to you in text-based clues, and use the map to try to pinpoint where you are. Yes it's a little rough around the edges (and I think there's a bug in there that tells you the wrong clue!), but everyone has to start somewhere right?

The game was made using the Phaser framework, which I hadn't used before now.