Kev Adsett
A programming portfolio

Wind Rider

13 September 2014

This was my second attempt at a javascript game in under 13 kilobytes. The main idea was that the player needs to stay on screen with the wind force constantly changing, requiring them to tap for the left and right pedals separately.

I was quite pleased with the rendering of the bike using only canvas instructions, something which was needed to keep the file size down.

The theme was the elements, and I originally had grand designs about wind, rain, fire and earth all playing some part, but I had to scope that back a lot in order to complete the game in time.

In reality, the game comes across as confusing and difficult to play. The lesson learnt here is that playable prototypes should be put in front of people as soon as possible to start gauging where the strengths and weaknesses are. This one didn't make it to the top 100 games, which was a bit of a blow, but we learn as much from the things that don't go well as we do from the things that do. Often more so.