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10 February 2014

Source code not available

This was a challenging one! Created for the first annual Static showdown, I teamed up with two others with the aim of creating a 3D 'running' game using github repositories as the tracks. Unfortunately I think we set our sights far too high on this one, and only managed to get as far as a (sort of) working 3D github repo visualiser. We had a lot of fun doing it and I think I learnt a lot too. Namely, when you're participating in a hackathon that's only 2 days, you need to approach a few things differently to how you would with a normal project:

  1. Don't try to pick up unfamiliar technology along the way - stick with what you know. In our case, using THREE.js was a mistake - we had all used it maybe once or twice, but in the severe timeframe, sticking to technologies we were experts in would have been a wiser choice.
  2. Have a good idea, but have an easy idea. If we'd planned to do an interesting GitHub visualiser from the start (not in 3D, probably), then we would have wasted less time on game controls that were never included in the final product.
  3. Sleep! - we were coding until 3am and back up and coding at 7:30. I think this can only result in a lack in quality and productivity, utlimately, and we should have been more sensible about our sleeping patterns.

It's a shame that we didn't get a finished project – if you're looking at the demo you might want to try particularly small repositories, and log in as a guest. I think the best thing to take away from the experience are the lessons learnt, and to keep trying!