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09 November 2013

Unavailable online

My first go at developing for PlayStation Mobile! This project uses the C# language and is my version of GameFromScratch.com's PSM development tutorial.

I would really recommend those tutorials for anyone interested in getting started with PSM. They're quite code-focussed, so if you're new to programming itself then they're probably not for you.

In my version I've added a few bits and pieces to make it into a more... ahem... 'extreme' version:

  • ridiculous royalty-free dubstep,
  • camera shake when the ball hit's the paddles,
  • a variety of clanking metal sound effects.

The whole point of this project was both to familiarise myself with the PSM dev language and environment and to do something with physics. To that end I think I acheived my goal. My next step is potentially to publish it to the PSN mobile store (giving the 'game' away for free of course) to gain some experience of the whole of the PSM development process.