Kev Adsett
A programming portfolio


13 September 2013

This was a little game I made over the course of a week for the js13kgames month-long game jam.

The real challenge of the project was that the final game, after minification and zipping, had to be less than 13 kilobytes! It certainly opened my eyes up to programming Javascript without libraries.

Part of the puzzle of the game was to work out what to do with it (rule #1, don't confuse the player!).

The theme of the Jam was 'bad luck', so our poor protagonist isn't having the best day. I added the subtitles to try and get a little bit of emotion from what is a pretty basic game.

I entered the game into the mobile and desktop categories, so it was important to me that the canvas was responsive to the size of the browser, and that touch and click events both worked.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't win anything this time around, but it was my first time doing anything like this and I learnt a lot, and had fun along the way - aside from the last minute dash to get it submitted!

I'm thinking that I might put together a responsive canvas framework based on some of the ideas I had here.