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12 February 2013

Currently unavailable

The aim of this real-time multiplayer game is to reduce your blocks down to 0 before your opponent. It's controlled using the keyboard and mouse. You can only remove a block from the top of a column, so if your opponent has a block there, you'll have to wait for them to remove theirs before you can remove your own.

This game was my first foray into the world of Backbone.js, as well as a platform for me to practice developing a multiplayer app using Nodejs. I used Socket.io, which seems like a brilliant little node add-on for any real-time interaction between multiple clients on a site.

The game was also a first for me in terms of using WebGL to do anything. Actually, as it turned out, THREE.js is pretty much the only WebGL library you'll ever need. It's fantastic, and I'm looking forward to using it again some time.

All this technology was pretty new to me at the time (and some of it still kinda is!), but I think it all went quite well. The game itself is a little buggy, which mainly comes from not being able to test as two people playing at the same time! As for whether the game itself is fun to play, I think the jury's out on that one.

I really like the visual simplicity of the game, and you get a different colour scheme every match you play.

Improvements that could be made:

  • Choose your opponent! At the moment, you join a game with the next consecutive person to enter the lobby. I think common multiplayer feature of host/join would be very welcome here.
  • Finishing the game! Yeah, so when you win... er... well done? Nothing happens!
  • Pick your colours! It'd be nice if you could choose your own colour scheme when 'hosting' a game